Tips for Creating Business Videos That Customers Will Watch

Tips for Creating Business Videos That Customers Will Watch

If your business isn’t creating online videos, you might be missing out on one of the fastest growing segments of digital advertising. Seventy-six percent of marketers at small and large companies plan to produce more videos this year, making it the top area they will invest in, according to a Social Media Examiner report.

Why are videos often preferable to many other online marketing tools? “Our brains are wired for motion,” says John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist and author. “Vision trumps all other senses.” Indeed, 65 percent of executives say they visit vendors’ websites after watching their online videos, according to a Forbes Insights white paper.

While you might be a ways off from having your videos go viral on YouTube, well-crafted, well-targeted business videos will almost certainly drive potential customers to your website. Here are some tips to help you get your video marketing campaign rolling:

Tell a creative story and include a call to action. To engage viewers and motivate them to share your video, tell a story that is both informative and clever. Show what makes your company, and its products and services, distinctive. Invite happy clients to record their testimonials.

Some possible video topics include: Short biographies of key employees, interviews with clients talking about why they enjoy working with you or overviews of your business or products. Videos can also be used for recruiting new employees — everyone from college graduates to senior managers.,%202012-_-Tips%20for%20Creating%20Business%20Videos%20That%20Customers%20Will%20Watch

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