Dr Perdita Meeks

Dr Perdita is a world-renowned motivational speaker, she has been married since 1981, mother of 5, and grandmother,. Dr. Perdita assist her husband, “Building People of Power, Purpose and Praise.
Dr Perdita Meeks modeled professionally & nationally for the Jet Magazine for 4 consecutive years. She has owned and operated The Perdita
Marcel’s Salon and Boutiques.
Dr. Perdita was a guest of the Oprah Winfrey’s Show for a model search in 2005. At the age of 40 years she placed 2nd runner-up in the Mrs. New York Beauty pageant.

As an author of, “A Women’s Tool for Self Empowerment”, “Organize Your Life for Success”. 365 Days of Empowerment Journal. Through her books and her daily blog entitled
she shares wisdom and “golden nuggets” on how to excel in life. New Talk Show, entitled The Perdita Marcel’s Show WGBTV Time Warner Cable (Channel 18)
Mondays @ 11am.  Empowering an inspiring women to excel teaching principles of self-motivation, and daily inspiration through meditation. Coaching women to live a lifestyle of
empowerment and wellness!


3 thoughts on “Dr Perdita Meeks

  1. Why do women constantly promote the disconect between father and son relationships. Help me understand this Doc. (lol) Here you have a woman who cheated on her husband, bore a child,doesn’t know by whom. She waits years to confront the issue ,then involves the child to a life of embarrasment,rejection,and disrespect of man because of this. The boy may not have any father figure thanks to her actions. One man bamboozled another rejects the notion,no money in the world can repair emotional damage knowing one man doesn’t want you another may despise you. Wow, then you have people who promote this propaganda to get ratings/credibility spreading heresay. I know it’s for the best interest of the kid (lol).Who told him Mike could be his dad anyway(lol) maybe the caring ,protecting mom. Perhaps not, she wouldn’t risk her sons well being bc she’s no gold digger.(lol)Did you pay her friend for the interview? perhaps she wanted to set the record straight,Did she get permission from the mom? (OPPORTUNIST) not Dr, mom, nor friend. I’ll pray for you all.

    • Money isn’t the issue! No one gets paid from this…..
      Very unforutate situations, yet it’s real and it happens in the lives of many children. Children that have grown up and after years of thinking one person was their parent and finding out that it was all a lie. I counsel people every day and it hurts to see what they have endured. Because of someones untruthfulness. Lies are meant to deceive, they hurt many people. My heart is to share real life issues and lead people to the truth!
      I will pray for you as well.

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